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About Us

Our goals are simple: We do our utmost to provide our customers with the best translation services in the world.

Our approach is to listen—keenly—to your needs, to map out a customized project plan, to hit deadlines and to deliver results that
exceed your expectations.

To do that, we employ seasoned, sophisticated language specialists across a spectrum of disciplines and industries. We use the latest
translation technologies to push projects along at a brisk pace. And before you get your deliverables, we pore over them to ensure
they are error-free.

No matter the time zone, no matter the language, our problem-solving team of language and project management specialists will
make your words work beyond their borders. We have offices in Beirut and Dubai, but we know your work spans the globe. Our work
moves with you—and it will move your customers to act.

Work with us, and experience the persuasive power of the right words, in the right place, at just the right time.

Translation Services

Our Resources Help Your Words Work

Communication clarity is vital to your business success.
Fast, accurate translation is a necessity and also a challenge.
At Vertaal, we have trained specialists and vital resources to address
these challenges and deliver quality work, while reducing your costs
and turnaround time. Our experts are fully trained in:

General Translation
Financial Translation
Business Translation
Technical Translation
Legal Translation
Medical Translation
Software Localization

Every project—indeed, your every word—gets the best effort from our team of qualified translators and project managers.
To ensure your satisfaction, we commit to deliver a precise, high-quality product, on time and on budget.

Unparalleled Service

At Vertaal, we are not simply your language service provider, we strive to be your trusted partner and advisor on all content-related and project-management issues. We always go the extra mile: complete client satisfaction is our standard. If you’re under pressure, we’ve got your back. From initial consultation, to project fulfillment, and even after project delivery, you can rely on our constant support.


We make the most of computing powers by relying on state-of-the-art computer-assisted translation tools to enable our team of specialized linguists to achieve maximum efficiency. We maintain consistency and ensure quality at all times via client-dedicated Translation Memories and Termbases. You can easily manage your project using our “all in one” client-dedicated online platform, which has even more beneficial features to reduce turnaround time and increase efficiency.


Ensuring physical and information assets are protected, is a cornerstone to our business. To this end, we adopt a series of policies that collectively constitute our fully operational Information Security Management System. Accordingly, all our technology tools and processes are compatible with best in class security standards, ensuring data protection at all workflow phases.

Professional Services


An absolute must before publishing your document. We will scrutinize your final draft on all linguistic levels—phrasing, style, accuracy, grammar—giving you clean, error-free text.


Take your words to the next level. We will enhance your text and help you achieve the desired style and tone of voice while staying fully loyal to the source message.


We go beyond simple literal translation to adapt your message to its audience. The ideas and intentions of your marketing material or advertising campaigns won’t be lost in translation: our creative linguists are steeped in the culture of your audience and will impart subtle messaging and crafting that speaks directly to your markets.


From localizing websites and software to a specific market, to the skillful application of content that fits the culture and buying habits of your target audience, our multicultural linguists will ensure that your product speaks the language of your customer, and invites them to explore further.

Content Creation
Content Creation

The material you publish is the voice of your business. Trust our passionate and skillful writers with your website, press releases, emails and brochures to deliver smarter, engaging targeted content. Your words will translate to customer action.


After finalizing your content, our eagle eyed team of designers and reviewers will ensure that your target document in all its details is a mirror of the source even with a different script direction.


Don’t underestimate the power of subtitles! Clever, catchy subtitles and headlines pull a reader’s attention and deliver compelling messages. Our subtitling specialists are always ready to transcribe and translate your digital content, whether it’s for your advertising content, corporate or online videos.


Once the text is a wrap, it’s time for our studio experts to assign the best voice talent for your project. We have polished voice-over artists who are expressive and persuasive in gaining audience trust and delivering deeper meaning.



A broad and complex sector requiring particular and often specialized expertise. That’s why we offer you a dedicated team of accomplished linguists who understand the field. You’ll receive clear, accurate, and engaging translations that deliver to audience specifics. Confidentiality assured.


Healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical companies have complex and sensitive needs in their communications. We have the vital research and adaptation skills to appropriately and accurately translate your healthcare industry material across multiple languages.


Legal communications can be complex and subtle. Our network of in-house and freelance specialists understands the importance of accuracy and nuance in legal translation work. In accordance with our standards, the choice of an almost-right word instead of a right word is going to be overruled!


If you’re in a business, finance or consulting field, and you’re closing a deal, drafting a presentation or preparing financial statements, you need a trusted ally. We understand deadline pressure, we know attention to details is a must, and that alert responsiveness is crucial. We have translation professionals across the spectrum of business needs so that we can flexibly address your requirements. And those experts are here for you round-the-clock.


Technology is the innovation and disruption engine—your business undoubtedly relies on it. Our tech-savvy linguists are highly skilled in the latest CAT tools to give you consistent, efficient and ahead of the curve translation results. Our word weavers can thread the newest technological terms and concepts into your target market publications in a clear, innovative and reliable manner.


Our translators know branding, slang and the language of retail markets, for companies big and small. Whatever your industry is, our practiced linguists have the skills to maintain and enhance your brand image and to deliver the best version of your product in the language of your consumer.

Real estate

From large shopping centers, to hotels and resorts, to gated communities and other developments, our commercial property specialists at Vertaal are your trusted partners. Let us assist in the finest development and translation of your sales brochures and marketing promotions in every language.


One of the ways to succeed in global markets is by giving the same amount of attention, care and depth to each new market as you did when you developed your initial copy and marketing strategy. Our professional linguists know marketing vocabulary, tactics and messaging across the globe. Deliver a potent, eloquent message to your audience to achieve success every time.


The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world, stretching across global borders. At Vertaal, our dedicated automotive team will help you tighten those borders through our extensive expertise in translating brochures, catalogues and websites. We know cars, and our use of state of the art CAT tools and terminology databases will ensure cost efficiency and a faster turnaround time. Keep your engines running.


Travel and hospitality industries depend on gracious and skilled communications—and with the growth of those industries, you have to put your best face forward in multiple languages. Whether you’re a hotel, a tourism company, a travel agency or a restaurant, we’re here to ensure that you are talking to your guests in their language.


We're delighted to welcome on board skilled and motivated individuals who share our commitment to professionalism, quality and work ethics. We work in a collegial atmosphere—literally and virtually—that encourages ambition and career development. If you’re a team player who thrives in an intellectual but friendly atmosphere, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re a linguist or someone with specialized language skills interested in collaborating with us, click here.

For more information, get in touch with us at [email protected]

Vertaal is committed to diversity, cultural understanding and cooperation. We do not discriminate against people on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, color, nationality, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.

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